The power of feedback in Scrum

Searching the web for new Agile games I came across: You sunk my Methodology. This game seemed like a strong metaphor to show the power of early feedback, while using Scrum.

In order to use this game in a presentation Bob, Daniel and I made a Javascript (standalone) version of it which uses variable iterations of shooting at the enemy’s ships. Board layouts are random and you get 40 shots in total to destroy the enemy’s fleet. After each iteration you get feedback about hits and misses. If you use iterations of 1, you are playing the regular battleship-game.

Each shot costs 10.000 and when you sink a ship you get the_ships_size * 50.000 (e.g. the submarine of size 3 will reward you with 150.000). If you keep track of the balance after each iteration, you could also try to get across the idea that stopping after a few iterations might give ‘good enough’ rewards.

It can be downloaded from our GitHub repository as a zip or you can take a look at our code. Just double click on the index.html (in the public folder) to start a game.

**Update: Now also direct playable on GitHub.

5 thoughts on “The power of feedback in Scrum”

  1. Mark,

    that is absolutely superb… I used it in a workshop on Monday. A very valuable tool to quickly illustrate the importance of feedback; thanks for making it freely available.

    Hopefully some of the folk will swing by and read your other posts…


  2. This is a really good tool to make the point; the limits of exhaustive up-front plans, not against planning itself but of BUFD style planning

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