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Flowmulator – A Kanban flow simulator

UPDATE: Now you can add workers to a column and see if it helps getting work done faster. Try experimenting with the numbers and get the best configuration!

While reading blogs about Agile games, I came across this link of Karl Scotland.
Because I always like combining programming with building something that gets across Agile principles (our Battleship game is also a good example) this seemed like a good new project for our Fridays at Zilverline HQ. Bob Forma and me started this and within a few days we came up with this (You can check the source code here)

Each feature has a random generated effort which you can see on the ‘sticky’. Each day (if you press ‘Run 1 day’) for each stage (Analysis, Code, etc.) productivity is generated of 4, 6 or 8 hours. The stage then looks if there is ready work to be found in its preliminary stage, if there is, that work is pulled to ‘in progress’ of course the ‘Work in progress Limit’ is respected at all times. The velocity is then divided between the features that are ‘in progress’. Once a feature has zero remaining effort, it is moved to the ‘ready’ column of that stage.

If you click on a feature, the text on it changes to ‘Workdays’ which is time this feature spend in ‘in progress’ and ‘Waitdays’ which is time it has spend in a ‘Ready’ column. I also added Totaldays which is a sum of these two. If you use ‘RESTART’ the board gets reset and you can experiment with the work in progress limits and their effect on flow.

We hope you like it and feel free to ask for new options in the comments (or branch and add them yourself)!

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