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Getting started with Ruby on Rails

I’ve been coding in Ruby on Rails for the past couple of months. It was a fun and sometimes tough journey (and still is sometimes) learning a new language and platform. My main background is Java, but last year I was fed up with that. It was too hard to do simple stuff. I reckoned that there should be an easier way. Plus, learning a new language broadens your vision and it helped me to improve my programming skills. This blog post is the first of a series (probably, if there’s enough interest) towards implementing a Rails application. I’d like to give you a heads up of what I discovered head first.
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Bowling Game Kata in Ruby

As a good pragmatic programmer you should learn at least one new language per year. For me this year’s (2011) language will be Ruby (I know I am a bit late…). A Kata is an excellent and fun way to learn a new progamming language as well as your (new) IDE or text editor. As Kata I chose the Bowling Game Kata from Uncle Bob. Read on if you want to see how my Bowling Game looks like in Ruby.
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