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Resultaten mini enquete

Zilverline is vooral bekend van haar scrum trainingen en coaching. Zilverline doet echter meer en dit blijkt niet altijd iedereen te weten. Middels een mini enquete is hier inzicht in verkregen.

De enquete is nog steeds open en kost je maximaal 1 minuut. Klik op DEZE LINK om ook je input te geven.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 16.18.35

Getting started with Ruby on Rails

I’ve been coding in Ruby on Rails for the past couple of months. It was a fun and sometimes tough journey (and still is sometimes) learning a new language and platform. My main background is Java, but last year I was fed up with that. It was too hard to do simple stuff. I reckoned that there should be an easier way. Plus, learning a new language broadens your vision and it helped me to improve my programming skills. This blog post is the first of a series (probably, if there’s enough interest) towards implementing a Rails application. I’d like to give you a heads up of what I discovered head first.
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Bowling Game Kata in Ruby

As a good pragmatic programmer you should learn at least one new language per year. For me this year’s (2011) language will be Ruby (I know I am a bit late…). A Kata is an excellent and fun way to learn a new progamming language as well as your (new) IDE or text editor. As Kata I chose the Bowling Game Kata from Uncle Bob. Read on if you want to see how my Bowling Game looks like in Ruby.
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