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A luxury hotel room with Thinka voice control

In this video you can see how voice control is being used in the Royal Suite of the Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel. It shows voice control of lights, thermostat, curtains, scenes, and more. This hotel room uses KNX home automation and a Thinka: a bridge connecting KNX to the world of Google, Amazon and Apple and gives users all new kind of possibilities like voice control, touch control, geo fences and more. This is a KNX project of George Karipidis.

Thinka is a sister company of Zilverline and born out of the Friday Playground. Thinka’s first product is Thinka for KNX, allowing homeowners to interact with their home in a very user friendly manner. Just like you drive your car, we feel that you should be able to interact with your home: smart, safe and comfortable. Who leaves on the lights, the music and the heating when leaving the car, after all?

“Our aim is to build products that make life easier and more fun”
Thinka is a software development company with hardware expertise. Not the other way around. Always putting user experience first. Offering products that are easy, almost simple. The focus of Thinka is hiding the complexity of home automation, security and protocols. Thinka works closely with her customers and is able to react to new ideas quickly by means of high engineering skills and an Agile process.

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