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Voice control improves the life of physically challenged people

Top entrepreneur and ALS patient Bernard Muller uses Thinka to control his home. Thinka connects Apple’s voice assistant Siri to KNX. With only his voice Bernard is now able to move around his house without the need for help from other people. Even his in-house elevator is now voice controlled. This gives him mental and physical freedom. Bernard is also founder of ALS project MinE .

Thinka is a sister company of Zilverline and born out of the Friday Playground. Thinka’s first product is Thinka for KNX, allowing homeowners to interact with their home in a very user friendly manner. Just like you drive your car, we feel that you should be able to interact with your home: smart, safe and comfortable. Who leaves on the lights, the music and the heating when leaving the car, after all?

Zilverline is one of the leading companies in the Netherlands in the field of Agile Scrum software development, – training and -coaching.

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